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Become a Design Trust Friend and contribute to our pioneering work with public agencies, community groups, and our Fellows, in championing better streets, plazas, parks and open space, transportation systems and neighborhoods.

Every city needs a Design Trust for Public Space.

Charlie Cannon, Associate Professor, RISD

Design Trust Council

Design Trust Council members are committed to public space that is democratic and accessible. By joining the Council, you provide vital support to the Design Trust, a nationally recognized incubator for design innovation. This annual membership group gains inside access to the issues facing New York City today through a series of exclusive, curated events throughout the year.

Carnegie Hall director of administration, Richard Malenka, took us through the history of the famed music hall, imparting many secrets and other gems of information we never knew about before.

Founder's Circle

The Founder’s Circle, a major donor group deeply committed to supporting the future of NYC, provides crucial funding for the Design Trust for Public Space to seed new projects. By joining the Founder’s Circle, you will become part of a dynamic group of philanthropists who have come together in honor of the Design Trust’s founder Andrea Woodner, and in support of her vision of a vibrant public realm and a better city.

Today’s 'lingua Franca' is all about the public realm and shared space, and collaborative design.