our mission 

The Design Trust for Public Space is a non-profit organization that unlocks the potential of New York’s public spaces. Our unique model catalyzes design ideas into action for a more just and equitable city.

our goals

The Design Trust aims to set an ambitious new agenda for New York City, based on public space. These four strategies guide the foundation of the organization’s work:

Definitions of public space are broadened, redefined, and reimagined to encompass and include the needs of all New Yorkers.

New Yorkers think expansively about what is a “public” asset and how such public goods can better our livelihoods. This means that spaces like streets, transit systems, and public buildings are considered equally important public spaces.

Urgently needed solutions for climate change, social justice, and economic opportunity are introduced into systems that can help them achieve scale.

The important work of reimagining a just environment for New York City is done in a way that respects and combines the unique ingenuity happening in communities with the potential to achieve great change through legislation, funding, and new programs.

New partnerships and coalitions, that wouldn’t ordinarily exist, have the space to do so, and are acting on important public space opportunities for New York.

Groups and individuals, from City agencies to community-based organizations, are brought together to work on the future of public space. The collaborations become new models for how the city can share resources and expertise.

Agency is seeded to new forms of leadership across the city, especially young people, persons of color, and others who have been excluded from city-making conversations.

These historically marginalized individuals are supported and empowered, and over time, become the new leaders of our public and community-based sectors.

Andrea Woodner on Founding the Design Trust from Design Trust for Public Space on Vimeo.