Opening the Edge 2016–

Together with community members, we’re developing a prototype for a lively public space on the Lillian Wald Houses, which could be replicated at other NYCHA developments.

  1. Phase I
  2. Phase II
  3. Phase III
Opening the Edge Community Meeting 2017.03.15_01
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In partnership with

New York City Housing Authority

Community Collaborator

Lillian Wald Houses residents and Lower East Side community members

Project Area: Manhattan

Mollie Serena

Residents of the Lillian Wald Houses and community members on the Lower East Side have been working towards taking down the fence and building a vibrant public space in their NYCHA development. In Phase I and II, we led a participatory design process to envision the future public space and fundraised to make it happen.

The pandemic may have slowed some things down, but most of all, it showed us how vital public spaces are for communities who don't have access to parks and open spaces. That's why we are excited to move into Phase III of Opening the Edge! We'll be bringing the Community Design Team's vision to life in the construction phase of the project. Stay tuned for more updates!