Opening the Edge 2016–

Together with community members, we’re developing a prototype for a lively public space on the Lillian Wald Houses, which could be replicated at other NYCHA developments.

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Opening the Edge Community Meeting 2017.03.15_01
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Rendering by Design Trust Fellows Rebecca Hill and Emmanuel Oni

Residents of the Lillian Wald Houses and community members on the Lower East Side had a vision for a vibrant public space. Benches to relax and catch up with neighbors, a stage for performances, a stepped mound for recreational activities, and new lighting. This was the work of our dedicated Community Design Team completed in the first phase of our Opening the Edge project.

Now we’re reconvening this team to further develop their concept. Public art ideas are on the table! We’re also working with Lighting Design Consultant Kate Sweater at Dwaal Lighting Design, and Landscape Architect Consultant Nancy Owens Studio.

We need your help to build the Community Design Team’s vision for an active open space on the Lillian Wald Houses. Support this project.

“A lot of kids here and a lot of old folks like myself would love to come up to a park and see a show or something. I think it’s going to work out but it’s up to us to keep the ball rolling.”


“The whole process has been really fun. I don’t really spend time thinking about the way I relate to space. I’ve walked around here for twenty five years and haven't really thought about it. I’m excited to see what we can come up with.”


Taking the fence down and being able to walk across the unused space gives us freedom and can create a cultural movement.

Lillian Wald Houses Resident


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