Our unique model

Our unique project model brings together government agencies, community groups and private-sector experts to transform and evolve the city's landscape. With every project, we act as a catalyst – we deliver innovative, yet feasible,  solutions for our project partners to implement. 

The diagram below illustrates our collaborative model and the types of impact that result from our work. 

DESIGN TRUST Advisory Committee Stakeholders Community Groups Fellows Project Partners Government Private Sector Funders

Strategies We Use

  • Work across sectors and institutional barriers
  • Engage all stakeholders in the project
  • Field test our findings and recommendations
  • Form distinct and diverse Advisory Committees for our projects
  • Assemble multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Break projects down into multiple phases
  • Tailor–and diversify–our final deliverables to the goals of the project

Activities We Do

  • Hold community workshops
  • Create online tools and platforms
  • Produce publications of our research and findings
  • Develop public policy recommendations
  • Mount public exhibitions
  • Organize public panels, discussions and tours
  • Create design guidelines
  • Build constituency among stakeholder groups
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Raise awareness through visual storytelling
  • Organize international ideas competitions
  • Test ideas and designs
  • Create temporary installations
  • Present to Community Boards