Eib's Pond Park 2001–2002

In this two-phase project, Design Trust Fellows worked with the local community and the NYC Parks Department to create a new master plan for a neglected 17-acre park in Staten Island, implementing aspects of their plan like an outdoor classroom and raised walkway. 

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Eib's umbrella Pollak
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Photo: Linda Pollak 

Eib's Pond Park was a neglected 17-acre freshwater wetland in northeastern Staten Island with great potential to become a wildlife refuge, an educational environment, and an open social gathering space for the surrounding underserved communities. 

Recognizing this potential, Design Trust fellows Linda Pollak and Sandro Marpillero worked for several years with the Parks Council to create a master plan for future development. Although they also designed and oversaw construction of a raised walkway with seating, as well as an outdoor classroom for the adjacent public elementary school, the park lacked the constituency necessary to implement other aspects of the master plan. 

In 2001, the Design Trust funded a master plan development phase to increase advocacy for the park. Based on their extensive involvement with Eib's Pond Park, the fellows produced a promotional poster documenting conditions and park amenities. This publication received an award from the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2002.

It [Eib's Pond Park] used to be a place people would run to hide from the police. Now it is a haven where people can come to meditate, to relax.

Reverend Hattie Smith-Davis, 1998