Colin Cathcart, Urban Planning Fellow

Nina Rappaport, Journalism Fellow

David Reinfurt, Graphic Design Fellow

Research Assistance

Larissa Babij
Jason Carlow
Karen Kedmey
Prem Krishnamurthy
Adam Michaels
Clare Miflin
Aurelie Paradiso
Joe Pirret
Stewart Smith
Bryan Wong
Serianne Worden


Chelsea Mauldin, (former) Deputy Director, Design Trust for Public Space

Copy Editor

Cathryn Drake


Design Trust for Public Space

Long Island City Cultural Alliance

A must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of the creative and manufacturing sectors, this ground-breaking book defines Long Island City's hybrid character as a springboard for neighborhood development.

Richly illustrated and graphically inventive, Long Island City: Connecting the Arts outlines specific signage, information, transportation, and outreach strategies that can be used by arts organizations, businesses, and community members—in Long Island City and elsewhere—to promote and develop a compelling mix of art and industry.

To strengthen Long Island City’s identity as a unique destination for the arts, the Design Trust for Public Space undertook the Connecting the Arts project in partnership with the Long Island City Cultural Alliance, a consortium of the area’s cultural groups. A rich understanding of the area’s history, as well as current development plans, provide the basis for pioneering strategies to connect the arts with Long Island City.

Ultimately, the Fellow team developed a strategy that uses Long Island City's industrial history as a cultural asset and outlines branding concepts to strengthen the area's identity as an arts destination. Specific recommendations employ unconventional urban planning tools, such as web- or telecom-based wayfinding, underused public transportation such as bicycle sharing, and identity strategies that exploit Long Island City's landscape of signage.

Table of Contents

Design Trust Foreword

Part 1: The Arts and Long Island City
Part 2: Urban Development in Long Island City
Part 3: Strategies for Connecting the Arts
Part 4: Conclusions

Publication Information

Date: May 2006

Size: 7.5" x 11" 

Pages: 96

Binding: Perfect

ISBN: 978-0-977-7175-0-7

Printed by: Print Craft, Inc. 

Design by: Claudia Brandenburg, Language Arts

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In partnership with

Long Island City Cultural Alliance, New York City Department of City Planning, and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

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