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Design Trust for Public Space

Part how-to guide and part reference, Five Borough Farm II: Growing the Benefits of Urban Agriculture in New York City builds on the findings from the first Five Borough Farm publication to equip farmers and gardeners, support organizations, policymakers, and funders with the tools and information to measure, maximize and expand the benefits of urban agriculture. 

New York City’s community gardens and urban farms come in all shapes and sizes. Some gardens squeeze into narrow vacant lots once occupied by stately brownstones. Some farms sprawl across industrial rooftops the size of city blocks. Some grow dense with fruits and vegetables while others focus on giving neighbors a quiet open space where they can relax and get to know each other. Some defy categorization altogether, serving as performance spaces, apothecaries, outdoor art galleries, makeshift schools, and places to watch epic weekend tournaments of dominoes or backgammon. 

No matter their size, each farm and garden plays a vital role in making New York City a healthier and more socially connected, economically secure, environmentally sustainable city. 

The culmination of a two-year partnership with the NYC Department of Parks & RecreationFive Borough Farm II: Growing the Benefits of Urban Agriculture in New York City frames urban agriculture in terms of the many benefits farms and gardens offer city residents, neighborhoods and the city as a whole. 

Table of Contents

Preface: Design Trust for Public Space
Preface: NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
Executive Summary
Growing the Benefits of Urban Agriculture

I. Understanding the Benefits
II. Maximizing the Benefits
III. Scaling the Benefits


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Date: March 2014

Size: 7.75" x 11"

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