Elizabeth Felicella, Photography Fellow

Meredith Kelly, Design Fellow

Elizabeth Kennedy, Landscape Architecture Fellow

James Russell, Journalism Fellow


Deborah Bershad, Executive Director, Art Commission of the City of New York


Art Commission of the City of New York

Design Trust for Public Space

The Design Trust published this illustrated set of design guidelines, Designing for Security, to help the Art Commission of the City of New York [now the Public Design Commission] advocate for change in the way security concerns are addressed in the design of public architecture.

In response to a request from the Art Commission of the City of New York, the Design Trust for Public Space researched issues in security and public design, and organized workshops to bring designers together with City agencies to address these concerns.

Design Trust Fellow Elizabeth Kennedy led the Art Commission in a year-long educational process, including extensive research, participatory workshops, and interviews. Based on Ms. Kennedy’s work, James Russell wrote the text, which is interspersed with successful security design solutions compiled by Meredith Kelly.

In conjunction with the Designing for Security project, the Design Trust also sponsored a separate photographic survey by Elizabeth Felicella called "Uneasy Spaces", which documents the actual effect of security measures on public spaces throughout New York City. Ms. Felicella's images are included as a chapter of this document.

Table of Contents

Letter from the Mayor

Chapter 1: Conceptual Ways of Looking at Crime
Chapter 2: How does Environment affect Behavior?
Chapter 3: What role do Facility Users, the Public, and Facility Managers play?
Chapter 4: How can Design discourage Crime?
Chapter 5: Designing with Security in Mind

List of Illustrations

Uneasy Spaces: Photographic Survey

Publication Information

Date: March 2002

Pages: 68

Design by: Jane Volpe, CityGraphics

Status: Out of print; available as a PDF

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