Established in 1978, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is the largest municipal housing preservation and development agency in the nation. Its mission is to promote quality housing and viable neighborhoods for New Yorkers though education, outreach, loan and development programs and enforcement of housing quality standards. HPD works with its governmental, community, non-profit and for-profit partners to strengthen neighborhoods, increase the availability of well-maintained, affordable housing and enable more New Yorkers to become homeowners.

Good retail space on the ground floor of affordable housing developments plays a critical role in supporting the city's goal to foster diverse, livable neighborhoods, a key tenet of the Mayor's Housing New York plan. These guidelines will be used by HPD, other city agencies, community organizations, and developers who work closely with us as we build a more vibrant city.

Vicki Been, Commissioner, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development