The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) builds many of the civic facilities New Yorkers use every day. As the City's primary capital construction project manager, DDC provides communities with new or renovated structures such as firehouses, libraries, police precincts, courthouses and senior centers. To successfully manage this portfolio, valued at nearly $10 billion, DDC partners with other City agencies, as well as with emerging and world-renowned architects and consultants whose experience and creativity bring efficient, innovative, and environmentally-conscious design and construction strategies to the projects DDC builds. As leaders in design and construction, it is DDC’s responsibility to provide New Yorkers with buildings and services that are socially responsible, progressively designed and environmentally sound. To do so, DDC employs an array of programs and projects that actively respond to the dynamic needs of our metropolis.

We sought the help of the Design Trust because of their particular expertise in assembling and creating a public-private partnership. We all felt that the Design Trust would lend credibility for a wider implementation of our project.

Hillary Brown, (former) Assistant Commissioner, NYC Dept. of Design & Construction