Added Value is a non-profit organization promoting the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders. Added Value works towards this goal by creating opportunities for the youth of South Brooklyn to expand their knowledge base, develop new skills and positively engage with their community through the operation of a socially responsible urban farming enterprise. Together Added Value has helped revitalize local parks, transformed vacant lands into vibrant Urban Farms, improved access to healthy, safe and affordable food, and begun to grow an economy that supports the needs of the Red Hook community.

It has become more and more important for all of us to be able to understand and articulate how urban agriculture can contribute to our society and economy, and the planet on which we all liveā€¦ I am hopeful that Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City will contribute to the field of urban agriculture on the ground, in our communities, boardrooms, and classrooms.

Ian Marvy, 2012, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Added Value and Herban Solutions, Inc.