Latricia Morgan also known as "The Artsy Plug“ (B.1996) is a New York-based artist, born in The South Bronx, New York City.

Her digital hugs come in the form of photographic art. Her practice explores the unique complex identities of underdogs within the Queer BIPOC artist realm by highlighting the attributes that make them special. She started taking photographs to uplift her personal self esteem and ended up sharing this gift of art with her community. She uses Photographic imagery to reveal the beauty that lives within and vulnerability we may suppress. She creates memories, documents change, and captures greatness.  

Her work has been featured in publications such as Refinery29 Unbothered and more. Morgan is a Photography Studio owner, Education, and Teaching artist in her community and volunteers with young adults once a month.Morgan Holds a BA in Arts Management with a minor in Photography from SUNY Purchase.

Can I photograph your legacy?