Anisha Sawhney Mittal is a senior planner with Urban Progress Design in New York City. Anisha works with Luc Vrolijks, to develop and deliver sustainable urban design solutions as well as manage operations in the New York office. She approaches planning from an accessibility and mobility background. Her background as a transport planner and pedestrian modeler, combined with her urban design experience make her approach to urban design very unique.

Anisha has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and a Masters Degree in Urban Analysis from the Bartlett School at University College London. Following her Masters, she worked in London and Bath, UK for prominent consulting companies. Her work included planning studies for the famous Trafalgar Square in London, and for a large arena in northern Britain.

Moving to New York City in 2005, Anisha joined Halcrow, Inc where she played a key role in community and stakeholder management. Anisha worked as Project Manager/Deputy Manager for multi-disciplinary planning projects that require Public Private Partnership for funding. She has also helped direct the decision making process to procure funding for large public infrastructure. Anisha has been involved with developing the policy framework to address the inclusion of urban “villages” that were on the outskirts of an expanding city.

Through her work in the US, UK & South Asia, Anisha has gained an acute understanding of planning & development strategies, related funding strategies and cultivating stakeholder relationships. She brings this expertise to the projects at Urban Progress Design. In 2007 Anisha won a Fellowship to study and document the pedestrian experience for taxi users in New York City. This led to a year of research and publishing of the findings in Taxi: Roads Forward.