Jasmin Tepale joined the Design Trust for Public Space in September 2020 as an Equitable Public Space Fellow. Previously, Jasmin focused her work in the area of Fair Housing. She worked at two different Fair Housing non-profit organizations in Orlando, FL and Long Island City, NY where she educated the community on their Fair Housing Rights, created partnerships with neighboring organizations to improve access to free legal services and provided data analysis and mapping to understand the characteristics of the areas they served.  Prior to Jasmin’s fair housing work, she worked at an engineering firm as a project manager focusing on construction projects that impacted the community as well as a non-profit organization where she worked with the Harlem community to provide them access to fresh foods and nutrition education. Jasmin uses these work experiences, as well as personal experiences to create solutions to quality of life issues through an urban planning lens that focuses on equity.  Jasmin holds a Bachelor’s in Urban Studies from Hunter College.