"Jay Z", "NY Times 7" 

Photos: Courtesy of Nina Boesch

Your expired MetroCard might be in an artwork by Nina Boesch! Win one of the Gotham-themed collages by the artist that is made of used MetroCards. Bid now on stellar art + design works & experiences and purchase tickets for the Design Trust's 2017 Art + Design Benefit Auction!

"To you, it's a fare card to get you on the subway. To Nina Boesch, the MTA’s ubiquitous yellow, blue and black MetroCards are artistic palate. Since 2001, Boesch has churned out hundreds of mosaic artworks crafted from New York’s signature subterranean accessory — and each with a distinct Gotham theme," writes Rheana Murray in NY Daily News.

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I moved to the US [from Germany] in 2001 and rode the subway every day. I liked the look and feel of the MetroCard so I never threw one away, and they added up quickly. I didn’t have a purpose for my MetroCard collection until a year later, when I needed a gift for my host-parents (a wonderful couple I lived with in Morristown, NJ at the time). I was on a very tight budget, so turning my MetroCards into an artwork seemed like a good idea for a gift. This first MetroCard collage was a map of the United States, and my host-parents liked it so much, that they motivated me to create more collages.