Sonic Gates performance at the preview exhibition

Photo: Sam Lahoz

The idea of creating a robust public art program from outdoor sculptures to murals to music came out of a diverse group of Staten Islanders, who had been contemplating on equitable neighborhood revitalization through regular meetings and developed a set of public space design and policy recommendations as part of our Future Culture project.

The resulting public art projects, Sonic Gates and Court Yard Fridays, give prominent roles to local artists. 

Sonic Gates

Sonic Gates will promote exploration of the Staten Island's North Shore and re-imagine underused in-between spaces through public art installations.

A team led by Staten Island-based composer, touring performer and media artist Volker Goetze will construct a series of sound sculptures at various sites along the waterfront, on Bay Street, and in Tappen Park, from St. George to Stapleton. This project brings together SI MakerSpace—with sculptors DB Lampman and Alassane Drabo—and other cultural groups to fabricate these sculptures. Additionally, school groups will help construct the sonic sculptures through a cooperative educational experience. 

Court Yard Fridays

Court Yard Fridays will activate public space through regular music events.

Kevin Washington, a Staten Island native, retired NYC Firefighter and community organizer—with Homer Jackson, Director of the Philadelphia Jazz Project, and Lynn Washington, an experienced graphic designer—will host a series of weekend concerts in this summer in the courtyard between Borough Hall and the old Supreme Court building to exhibit world-class performers with connections to Staten Island alongside local arts groups. 

Stay tuned for further details!

Sonic Gates and Court Yard Fridays are made possible by City grant funding awarded to Staten Island Arts by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS). The NYC SBS’s Neighborhood 360° Grant program has invested $1.54 million to support commerce in Downtown Staten Island through partnerships with local businesses and city agencies.