In this season of giving thanks, we appreciate you, the urbanists, public space lovers, and civic leaders who love and believe in New York City and are committed to making it even better! Each and every day, we're grateful for the work we accomplish together. 

This Thanksgiving, we wanted you to get to know us a little better so we asked members of the Design Trust team to respond to a very important question — "If you were a New York City subway station, which stop would you be?" Keep on reading to hear our responses! 

Catherine Betances, Equitable Public Space Fellow: "If I were a subway station, I would be… the Queensboro Plaza station. The Queensboro Plaza station and I have a lot in common: we have a lot of “trains” of thought all happening at once, we’re loud, and we love watching the sunset." 

Matthew Clarke, Executive Director: "Smith and 9th Street! Often one of the tallest in the room, but hopefully doesn’t take itself too seriously. Comfortable being at the intersection of many different kinds of places. Likes being near waterways, especially funky ones like the Gowanus Canal."

Elana Ehrenberg, Programs Manager: "I’m definitely going with the West 8th Street – NY Aquarium stop on the F & Q lines. I love above-ground stations and this one gets you to two of my favorite places — the aquarium in Coney Island and the beach. The design is surprisingly playful in a subtle way, reminiscent of a sea creature or a rollercoaster. I think I relate to that, being a bit unassuming at first, but getting the job done and having fun while doing it." 

Journee Harris, Equitable Public Space Fellow: "If I was a subway station, I'd be the 34th Street - Penn Station. The columns outside remind me of the iconic Greek-inspired architecture in D.C., my hometown, the first city I learned to love. As a transit hub, Penn Station is very well connected, and while I am not as hectic and frenzied as the station, I am a social person who loves to connect people to other people and helpful resources."

Claire Mondry, Development Associate: "Without a doubt, the Grand Street B/D stop in Chinatown! It's busy, noisy, and chaotic (a lot like me!) but there's always something special happening if you're able to pause for a moment. My favorite things about Grand Street: the red train figurines on the wall, uncles playing traditional Chinese music on the platform, the grandma selling zong-zi by the station entrance! Yum!" 

Akemi Sato, Senior Planner and Designer: "I would be Canal Street. I appreciate Canal Station as a connection between neighborhoods as different as Soho and Little Italy, Tribecca and Chinatown. There are also opportunities for both established retail and street vendors, and space for historic businesses as well as the latest fashion. What a mix of characters, all together in one train! I also like Canal Street as a reminder of Mexico City, which similarly turned rivers into sewage and later into streets that now carry the name of Canal, Viaducto, or Ribera. From my great-grandma to my mother, they all have stories and photos of the rivers that used to cross the city and continue to do so but under the pavement. Where did Canal Street's river go?"

Alisa Schierman, Director of Development: "If I were a subway station, I would be my long-time stop in Astoria, Ditmar's Boulevard!"

Karyn Williams, Director of Programs: "I would be Grand Central- it’s a connector and balances the demands of local and regional travellers, but mostly it’s about the oysters. Which other subway station can you enjoy oysters and a glass of bubbly?"