Taxi 07: Roads Forward published by the Design Trust for Public Space

Cartoon: Jason Little

Abu Shahed, a cab driver who arrived from Bangladesh in 2012, told so in the recent Crain's story about the yellow-cab industry's comeback.

Shahed's cousin, also a taxi driver, sheds light on this promising time for the industry. “Yellow cab is better for me,” said Masud Pervez, who worked for Uber about six months last year but switched to cabs in December. Driving a cab these days Pervez clears $1,500 a week, whereas he used to earn an average $1,400 per week working for Uber after the company took its 20% commission.

Is this the taxi industry's best shot at taking on Uber?

Can the new Taxi of Tomorrow jumpstarted by the Design Trust provide any advantage in the competition?

How will the Taxi of Tomorrow stay relevant in the near future of driverless cars?

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